Meet my pets!

Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I adore animals so it was inevitable I’d have pets all my life. Since my critters play such a huge part in my life I thought I’d introduce you into the world of the Chalk family pets and what they’re about starting with the newest to the oldest!

Photo 01-09-2018, 10 23 08These are my two newest family members, Gyrados and Norris. The one on the right is Norris and the left is Gyrados.

Photo 03-09-2018, 10 54 01

Now I’ll admit these aren’t the best photo’s but these are obviously close up behind a fish tank. This is a closer look at Norris, he is actually my sister’s fish and is a black comet. She decided to name him Norris as her friend in school pronounces the word “noir” which is “black” in French as “Norris”.  Norris likes to whiz around his fish toys.

Photo 03-09-2018, 10 56 01

This is a closer look at my fish Gyrados who is a Sarasa Comet so has a silver and orange colouring. This fish is named after the water pokemon Gyrados. Gyrados enjoys following people who look at the fish tank and looking out for food.


Last but never least is my furry barking angel Tigerlilli. This dog is like the baby of my household, she is a little Shih-Tzu with a serious attitude problem who enjoys playing with her dog toy (Chubby the Unicorn), eating an abundance of sausages, getting her socks and shoes on for a walk and spending the other 21 hours of a 24 hour day sleeping in various places around the house.

Photo 27-08-2018, 15 12 35

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my pets a bit more, tell me about your pets in the comment section!

Lots of love

Cara x


My September Goals

Hi everyone!

I haven’t written for a while so I thought I’d let you know my blogging, life and social media goals for this month so here they are!

  • Twitter :

For Twitter, I find my followers steadily increase as long as I’m consistently engaging and it makes it so much easier to find blogs to follow so for this month my twitter goal is to get to 300 followers and my current amount is 232. If you’d like to follow my twitter click here!

  • Instagram :

My Instagram following is currently at 1774 and I would like this to be at 1800 by the end of September. My Instagram link can be found here.

  • Blog  Goals :

My blog goals for this month are 100 followers, 500 views, 50 likes and 10 posts. I also intend to do blogtober which will be challenging due to my degree also starting but I’m going to try my best and get a headstart on this too!

  • Life Goals :

First of all, I intend to get a headstart on my university work which doesn’t officially begin until October, along with potentially doing Blogtober. This is something I will definitely try and do but if my degree takes up too much of my time then that comes first. I also want to try and look for a job in a school. Another goal more orientated to my health would be to get back into a fitness routine and stick to it, over the last couple of months my health has not been in the best shape so I was advised to take it easy but now I’m feeling a lot better physically this is something I want to do.

Those are my main goals for the month of September. What are you goals?

Lots of love,

Cara x


The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m lucky enough to be nominated by the lovely Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets for the Sunshine Blogger award so here are my answers:

    1. If you could invite anyone to perform at your next birthday party, who would it be and why?

I’d have a collaboration between Bebe Rexha and Cardi B since they have a song together and I love them both.

     2. What is your favourite item of clothing?

I really like my black floral dress it’s so easy to wear for practically every occasion and it’s very flattering.

     3. What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Funny, gamer, smart (I hope)

     4.  Would you rather eat a hair sandwich or drink a shot of snot?

I’d rather guzzle the snot, couldn’t possibly eat a hair sandwich.

     5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People putting their bare feet next to me

      6. If you could pick one cocktail to represent you, which would it be and why?

A long island ice tea because it’s just made up of so many different elements and I feel as if my personality is.

      7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Binge watching reality TV like Catfish and Ex On The Beach

      8. Where are you going on your next holiday?

UK holiday I’m going to Harry Potter World and Thorpe Park but abroad New York and I am so excited!

      9. What do you like to do to indulge yourself?

Sunday dinner with dessert out somewhere!

     10. What is  one thing could you not live without?

My little sister, she’s definitely a thing.

     11. If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?

If Unicorn’s were real I would 100% be a Unicorn. A real animal I’d be a tiger because they’re strong and beautiful.


I now nominate these 11 people!


Skinny Spending










The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their post.

2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write 11 questions for them to answer

4. List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your blog.

Here are your questions:

  1. Where is your favourite place to travel?
  2. If you could try something new today what would it be?
  3. What was the last movie you went to see at the cinema?
  4. Who is the person that inspires you the most?
  5. What is your ideal job and are you doing it now?
  6. What is your preferred social media platform and why?
  7. If you were a superhero or villain who would you be and why?
  8. What is your go to beauty product?
  9. What was your favourite childhood hobby?
  10. What clothing shop do you use the most?
  11. If you could change anything about your life would you and if so what would it be?

Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.

Her job is an office job she’s had since she left university, her only real social contact outside of her work is her weekly phone call with Mummy and she spends her weekend drinking alone and eating frozen pizza. Eleanor is fine with this until we realize she’s not so fine after all.

This is a book that really surprised me. I was reluctant to read it despite all the budding reviews but I eventually ended up giving it a go and I’m so glad I did. Initially the book just made me laugh as Eleanor’s narration was hilarious. At the beginning she was portrayed as a simple yet peculiar person, but I later found she was a lot more complex than I initially thought. The book itself started as a happy-go-lucky kind of read but then managed to weave in more serious things like mental health, abuse and loneliness and I liked that the book was focused more on Eleanor as oppose to her relationships.

Overall I would highly recommend reading this book, I finished it in two days as I could not put it down and I’d go as far as to say it’s one of my favourite books this year. I’m definitely on the look out for more Gail Honeyman books!


Thank you so much for reading!

Cara x

Book Review: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

“But Jules is afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of this small town that is drowning in secrecy…”

“Into The Water” is a book I’ve had on my TBR list for a while. Not only did it appeal to me due to the genre and similarities between this and other books I’ve read, but the author, Paula Hawkins, also wrote one of my favourite thrillers of all time and this books predecessor, “The Girl On The Train”. Although an entirely different storyline I found it problematic not to compare the two novels to each other and “The Girl On The Train” was a tough act to follow.

First of all, I will say I really enjoyed the story and I gave it a 4/5 on Goodreads for that very reason. At the beginning I have to be honest and say it did take me a while to get into, I’m quite a fast reader if I really like a book and I started this one at the end of last month and read small chapters at a time. On the other hand, in the end, I could not put the book down and read Part 2 and Part 3 in the space of two days. The end of the book was very intense and I felt like I kept switching from who I thought pushed Nell as well as wondering what would happen to some of the other characters in the book.

I really admire the way in which Hawkins writes, the way she created such an immensely chilling and eerie feeling throughout the whole book and you could tell a lot of effort was put into actually setting the scene and making the town of Beckford seem like a chilling and eerie place which was demonstrated by the detailed accounts of the river, the houses and in particular the creepy cottage.

However, the one negative I will give this book is the characters did not impress me at all. Now they were unreliable narrators, which in my opinion Hawkins is very good at portraying, but there was just far too many people to keep track of. Sometimes I felt like writing a character profile of each one down and what happened to them in their last chapter just so I could keep up the story. I also found a lot of the characters weren’t very compelling and some of their chapters were just bland and depressing so I would have liked fewer people to keep track of.

Although that was my one negative I did like this book and I would recommend to those that enjoy psychological thrillers!

Thanks for reading

Cara x

The sister tag

My little sister aged another year this week and will be shortly going into her second year of secondary school. I see a lot of sister tags cropping up on other blogs and Youtube channels so I thought I’d take the time to ask my little sister Eve to answer this questions with me. Eve and I have quite a big age gap so it’s interesting to see how her views differ from mine and how you can tell she’s definitely going into her teenage years shortly!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  1. Who is the oldest/youngest?

Cara: I’m 12 years older.

Eve: Cara is the oldest, I am the youngest.

  1. What do you like about your sister?

Cara: She is loyal and she still thinks I’m cool.

Eve: She’s nice, she doesn’t argue with me and she’s funny.

  1. What do you and your sister have in common?

Cara: We look quite similar, we like Superheroes and collect Pop Vinyls.

Eve: We like Pokemon, we have blue eyes, we’re best fwends.

Photo 17-08-2018, 12 52 29

  1. What’s your funniest memory?

Cara: Eve used to constantly do impressions of my dad answering phone calls in a posh voice.

Eve: I don’t know.

  1. What do you and your sister do for fun?

Cara: We go to Forbidden Planet, watch Catfish or Impractical Jokers.

Eve: Watch Catfish and play with Lilli.

  1. Describe your sister in one word.

Cara: Squidgey

Eve:  Sister

  1. Have you ever liked one of her friends?

Cara: I’m way too old.

Eve: I don’t know any of them.

  1. What’s your nickname you call each other?

Cara: Squidge or Teenage Groot is her new name.

Eve: Carwa.

  1. Who keeps a cleaner room?

Cara: At the moment it’s Eve.

Eve: Me.

  1. What does your sister think about the most?

Cara: How much time she has left doing something she doesn’t want to do so she can go home and draw and play on her DS.

Eve: Me

  1. Who reads more?

Cara: Me, I read uni books and normal books Eve just reads comics.

Eve: Her.

  1. What is something you like to do together?

Cara: I’m sure I’ve already answered this.

Eve: Watch Catfish

  1. Who is the most talented?

Cara: Depends what we’re referring too, Eve is more talented than me at creative things like drawing but I’m probably more academic.

Eve: Me at being me.

Photo 23-07-2017, 12 03 28

  1. What’s your favourite makeup/beauty product/brand?

Cara: NYX is my favourite brand. Eve will not have one as she’s 12 and hates makeup.

Eve: I don’t like any.

  1. What is your sister really bad at?

Cara: Leaving the house and socialising.

Eve: I don’t know.

  1. Who takes longer to get ready?

Cara: Me.

Eve: Cara.

  1. Heels or flats?

Cara: Flats.

Eve: Flats.

  1. Last thing you talked about?

Cara: Dad’s horrendous Spotify playlist.

Eve: How rubbish Dad’s music is.

Photo 23-09-2017, 19 47 40

  1. Are you close?

Cara: Very much so.

Eve: Yes.

  1. One thing you can do that your sister can’t?

Cara: Ride a bike.

Eve: Wear socks and sandals.

  1. What’s a weird habit of your sister?

Cara: She makes this really weird noise when she’s kicking off with my mam and dad.

Eve: She can type really fast.

  1. What was your biggest fight or argument?

Cara: We don’t argue.

Eve: Never.

  1. Describe the last thing you did with your sister.

Cara: Played with Tigerlilli.

Eve: We played with Lilli the dog.

  1. Complete this statement: “My sister is…”

Cara: My best friend!

Eve: My best fwend!

That’s all the questions! I found this tag on Authentically Lauren so check out what she said about her sister too!

Lots of love,

Cara x

My new blogging planner/journal

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d quickly share a post about my new blogging planner/journal which I showed some of you on twitter. I told one of the lovely women I work with, Karen, that I had started a blog and I’d love to write about her time in Mexico when she comes back as I like to incorporate a bit of travel into the blog and Mexico is an amazing place I’ve never visited. When commenting on her photo’s of Mexico she told me to look into my locker as she’d left me a present and I found this waiting there!

Photo 14-08-2018, 08 22 43

This little gem is a blogging journal and it has a range of different pages to help bloggers plan their blogs and posts and I’ve already started using it as I think it’s so handy and useful especially if you’re on the go and don’t have your laptop with you.

Photo 14-08-2018, 13 19 51

These pages are for social media it gives space to write down social media goals as well as your username and password hints. There’s also another page which breaks down blogging goals with main goals, monthly, weekly and daily goals which makes it easier to keep track of how many followers you should essentially gain every day in order to hit your goals.

Photo 14-08-2018, 13 20 13

This page looks useful for those really informative blog posts that need to be well-planned with a section for ideas, title ideas and also key points to cover. This could be especially useful for sponsored posts for companies with specific requirements so you can make sure everything is checked off the list before you publish.

Photo 14-08-2018, 13 20 00This page is a blogging calendar which is super useful for planning when you want to post and which days are best for you to write, I’ve numbered my August and September months already and this would be ideal for Blogmas which I know a few of you are already planning!

Photo 14-08-2018, 08 23 40

Overall I think this book is so handy both for tracking your blogging success, planning posts and keeping all your fabulous ideas in one place. I also researched the journal and found it online on Amazon for £8 so if you’re thinking of what gifts people could buy you for a special occasion or you want to treat yourself I’ve included the link below!

The Blogger’s journal

Thanks for reading

Cara xx

Brand feature: Fashion with Elite Clothing EC

I have recently started working with Elite Clothing and thought I’d tell you a bit more about them and what my favourite items are from their website! I decided to work with Elite Clothing as first of all, I really loved their clothing. Although on their website it’s mainly orientated towards males each piece is unisex and I really love how casual and comfortable the clothes are. Secondly, I love the idea behind it and ‘The Elite Mentality’ and what they stand for, a complete guide can be found on their blog here. A lot of things described such as the importance of positivity, creativity, setting goals and working hard I really resonated with so was excited to get involved.

Photo 08-08-2018, 17 19 51

This is the hoody I purchased which is the ‘Elite Hoodie’ in the colour Khaki which I was overjoyed with, it’s so comfy, fits perfectly and is ideal for walking Tigerlilli on an evening time when the weather gets slightly chillier. This hoodie does come in the other colours Dusky Pink, Black and White as does the ‘Elite Level Short Sleeve T-shirt’ and the prices of these two items are £29.99 for the hoodie and £19.99 for the T-shirt.

Photo 10-08-2018, 12 37 06
Credit (@eliteclothingec)

My other favourite item was the “Elite Level 3/4 Sleeve Tshirt” which is available with two colour combinations which are White/Dark Grey and Black/White. I was desperate to purchase the Black/White one but they were all sold out so I’m awaiting the restock!

Photo 10-08-2018, 12 37 37
Credit (@eliteclothingec)

Elite Clothing also offers FREE UK SHIPPING which is fast and reliable and my order came within a matter of days. If you want to purchase any of the products I’ve mentioned on here or if you fancy something else on the website please use my link which is LINK HERE and use my code CaraEC for 10% off your order!

20 hardest things about your twenties

Sometimes when I’m having a difficult time or I’m really struggling with… life I always wonder whether I’m the only one struggling as everyone else seems like they have it all figured out on the outside. This inspired me to reach out to other bloggers and other people I know who are also in their twenties and ask them about the things they found hard and believe it or not – everyone finds similar things difficult! So here is my list of 20 things people find the hardest about being in their twenties feel free to send me your hardest thing at @caratigerlilli!


  1. Moving out

Moving out was an aspect a lot of people mentioned and the reasoning behind it was both the financial strain it has along with the need to be independent. Keeping your own home seems easy until you’re the one having to work full time or look after a family along with doing ironing, cleaning and washing and a lot of us tend to move out and fly the nest whilst being in our twenties.

2. Managing finances

This was something that practically everyone mentioned as being the hardest aspect of being in your twenties but a lot of us had different reasonings behind it. From trying to budget or save money for bigger things on a small income or getting into debt with loans and credit cards due to having little money management knowledge and assuming this was ‘free money’.


3. People expect you to be adult and mature

Let’s face it, the majority of us in our twenties who are expected to be responsible adults are still into playing games, Disney, superhero films and going to theme parks, don’t make us grow up yet we’re happy here.

4. Finding a job which is relevant after completing a degree

Imagine spending 3 years completing a degree only to struggle to actually find employment in your field. Ideally, people study particular subjects because they want to work in that field so someone wanting to work as an engineer wouldn’t go and study nursing. Yet, there’s still so many of us in our twenties that get a degree in one subject and a job in something completely different or wait for ages after completing the degree to be offered a job in that field. Of course, if you aren’t as picky and just want immediate employment you may be able to work in a call centre, but you didn’t study for 3 years of your life to do that did you?


5. Finding a job that you actually enjoy

So you’ve got a job and you’re earning money but it’s mind-numbingly boring and you’re unhappy. Sure, sometimes in life we do have to sacrifice and do things that we don’t want to do but we spent a huge amount of our lives at work yet so many of us are forced into employment we find unbearable because of family pressures or financial constraints or even the fear that we are unable to find employment elsewhere and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people in their twenties may not be enjoying their lives as much as they probably could because two fun days on a weekend doesn’t make up for 5 days of hell (some people work their weekends too).

6.  Feeling the pressure of being married by 25

Remember when you were younger and you thought you would be married by 25? A lot of people in their twenties view marriage as something that we are pressurised into or constantly being asked questions about, but guess what? It’s okay to get married later and it’s okay to not get married too.

7.  Plans you thought would be successful going wrong

Sometimes we have these mighty plans of things we’re going to do in life such as a particular career or a particular aspiration and a lot of the time whether we reach these aspirations or not they don’t always go to plan. Learning to trust your gut and go for what makes you happy is something we’re always learning along with accepting some things don’t go according to plan.

8.  Accepting your body is getting older

This is more directed to the mid-late twenties. We realise we are not teenagers any more our metabolism isn’t on fire, we cannot handle alcohol and our skin won’t stay wrinkle-free forever so this is a time to accept that and if you can make positive changes then do so!


9.  Trying to find yourself

A lot of us essentially have an identity crisis and we’re constantly finding ourselves giving into peer pressure, pressure from relationships, pressure from family and generally just doing things because other people are doing them and other people think that it’s cool. Being in your twenties is a difficult period because we’re still making these mistakes and still trying to find out who we are and what makes us happy.

10.  Trying to keep up with the pace of other people’s lives

As young adults we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people and if you’re not lucky you! We look at people who have things we want whether that be money, a stable career, marriage or a family and we feel sad about it because we aren’t there yet instead of taking our time and enjoying life.

11. Realizing you’re the adult in the room

I do this a lot working in a school when one of the children has an accident or breaks something or spills something I look around for the nearest adult then I realise it’s actually me.


12.  Having a lack of self-confidence

Still, in our twenties, we have a lot of the same hang-ups we had when we were teenagers and we’re still trying to own them. A lot of people are put off from making big jumps and taking risks because they just don’t feel confident enough yet.

13.  Becoming a parent and experiencing life differently

Some people have a completely different perspective of being in their twenties than others as some have families at a younger age and may experience a different lifestyle and have to accept they can’t go and do everything their child-less friends are doing. I can’t imagine anyone would regret watching their children grow up but some could feel as if they missed a more spontaneous time in their lives.


14. Learning to be independent

Being independent is something we all have to learn and it’s normally in our twenties we experience this. Along with the previous points about moving out and cleaning up to starting a family, it could also include other things such as learning to travel alone, look for work and study alone or even tiny things like booking appointments and turning up!

15. We still care too much about what others think

One of the things stopping a lot of us from living an abundantly happy life in our twenties is because we are so wrapped up about what other people think of us. We’re still installed with a fear that other people will mock us or embarrass us or think some type of way about us instead of thinking about ourselves.  Normally those that we expect to mock us don’t really care and those that do mock or criticise you for doing something that makes you happy are probably unhappy themselves and need to find something that makes them feel better that doesn’t include making someone else feel bad.

16.  We are more tolerant to accept toxic relationships

This was a comment made in one of the blogging groups I am a part of by a girl called Kristan(LINK) and a lot of people responded to the idea of we don’t know when to let go of toxic relationships in our twenties.  We are a lot more tolerant to accept toxic relationships in our twenties because we’re still learning and for some people, there’s just a hope a relationship can still work out as we get older we learn to say no or end things that are bad for us.

17. Our parents are getting older

This point is pretty self-explanatory when you reach your twenties a lot of your parents are reaching the 50+ age and are getting older and we don’t want our parents to get old 😦


18. The realisation that EVERYTHING is more expensive than it seems

Do you remember being younger and insisting your parents purchase the Cathedral branded cheese instead of the supermarkets own brand? Or being devastated when your parents arrived home from shopping without the beloved Lurpak butter? I can imagine a lot of the people that did that are now happy buying from the likes of Aldi or Lidl because everything is getting so much more expensive so people are prioritising saving money and saving the Lurpak until it’s on a special offer. This is due to the rising cost of living but also due to the fact before we reached our twenties and started actually purchasing groceries ourselves we were unaware how much these things cost and they are far more expensive than we thought!

19. Juggling commitments can be exhausting

Some people work, have a family and study at the same time and that can be very tiring and very time-consuming.

20. It’s way harder to make friends

You don’t get introduced to people or sat next to people in your class at school as an adult (not even at University) you need to speak to people and make friends yourself which is way more difficult than asking people to play games at school.

I appreciate not all of these apply to all of us but hope you enjoyed my 20 hardest things about being twenty and thank you to everyone that helped contribute. I’m also writing a blog post about the 20 BEST things about being in your twenties and I’d love you to contribute by tweeting or Instagram direct message @caratigerlilli or leaving me a comment below!



CHEAP TRAVEL TIPS: How to save money travelling in your twenties

Hello, twenty-somethings!

One of my favourite things to do when I’m not studying is travelling whether that’s an all-inclusive beach holiday, a life-changing volunteer trip or a short break in the city. Unfortunately, travelling costs a lot of money as you need money for flights, accommodation, transport, food and drink and trips and excursions when you get there so it’s quite hard not to break the bank when travelling abroad. However, there are some things you can do to make travelling a little lighter on the wallet and I’ve outlined some of these for you below.


Find affordable accommodation

For accommodation, the obvious option to save money is a shared dorm room in a hostel however you can also find hostels with private rooms across the world if you prefer your privacy. This might be useful if you’re in a couple and want to save money as a lot of hostels you can reserve a double room which is normally a little more expensive than a dorm room but with the addition of privacy. If I do want a less basic accommodation you can easily find affordable hotels with websites such as Expedia or Trivago. Personally, I like to use Expedia because they usually have quite a high cash back rate on TopCashback so I can book hotels, trips, flights and transportation and I receive a portion of that money back.  If you book a combination of flights and hotels the prices get discounted further. It also gives you the reserve now, pay later option which is ideal if you don’t have the money right now but you will when you’re planning to travel.

Photo 08-07-2018, 18 23 57

Book cheap flights

Flights are normally one of the most expensive aspects to book and they can’t be bought now and paid later unless on a credit card (I purchase on a credit card just for protection anyway). My favourite website for finding cheap airline tickets is definitely SkyScanner as it shows the cheapest plane tickets available and flights from airports all over the world to different destinations. I find that travelling from different airports also reduces this price but you should weigh up the cost to travel to the actual airport and the length of the journey as you may find a journey from an alternative airport for £30 less than your airport but if it costs £30 to travel to that airport you aren’t saving any money and you’re probably creating more hassle. Being flexible with travel dates is also beneficial and staying away from peak times such as school holidays.



Transport within the city you are travelling to is also something to consider and you should always try and opt for multi-journey tickets to save money on things such as tubes and buses especially in European cities such as Barcelona. However, in other places such as Morocco if you can negotiate a good deal for a taxi you could end up paying similar or less than a bus journey especially if there’s a larger group.


Learn from the locals

I saved a lot of money in Marrakesh as I was on a volunteering trip and this was because I had local coordinators that were able to show me restaurants and excursions and actually tell me when things were too expensive in order to avoid tourist prices and being overcharged. You could also do plenty of research regarding the city you’re going to by reading blogs and online content or reach out to local people and find out how much things cost and keep a note of this to avoid overpaying!


Skip a big lunch

I’m not saying skip lunch altogether as exploring requires a lot of energy but opt for packing sandwiches made with supermarket ingredients for lunch instead of splashing out mid-day and this could save you some money. It also means you will feel less guilty about spending more on your evening meal if you like to enjoy restaurants.


The best things in life are free!

Try and find free things to do in the city you’re exploring which are interesting and beautiful. Obviously, the goal of travelling is to find it enjoyable but always consider the free options along with the things that cost money as you might find a hidden gem.


So there it is, how to save money travelling in your twenties! If you have any more tips or any recommendations on any destinations I can travel on a low budget please email me on or dm on Instagram @caratigerlilli.


Thanks for reading!